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Madison and the New Neighbors

Dr. Vanita Braver, M.D.

MADISON AND THE NEW NEIGHBORS (Star Bright Books/October 20014/ ISBN 978-1-59572-687-2) is the 5th book in the well-received Teach Your Children Well series. It is available in both hardcover and paperback.

In Madison and the New Neighbors, Madison has new mission--to raise money for her class by selling candy and earn a school T-shirt. She is eager to call on her neighbors to sell candy, but refuses to go to Mrs. Patel’s, whose family has recently moved into the neighborhood from India. Seema Patel lives there. Seema rides the same school bus as Madison, but Madison has never talked to her. All Madison’s friends think Seema is weird and talks with a funny accent. Back in her bedroom, Madison with the help of her parents and Wisdom the Owl, reflects on her behavior, and decides to visit the Patels. Madison and the New Neighbors illustrates the virtue of accepting and respecting others who are different from us through questioning and self-reflection.

The Teach Your Children Well series is a unique tool to help young children ages 4-8 develop moral values and confidence through self-reflection and decision making. Children will relate readily to Madison, a realistic and lovable protagonist on whom they can model their own behavior, and through the characters of Madison’s mom and dad, Dr. Braver offers parents positive and appropriate responses for turning childhood troublesome scenarios into teachable moments.  
According to Dr. Braver, “character and morality are not innate gifts, but assets we develop through modeling. After all, character is destiny.”


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